Create with PopUp Painting

Create with PopUp Painting

• Unleash your creativity at a relaxed PopUp Painting event
• 2 hour 30 minute art event with quali

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Unleash your creativity at a PopUp Painting event for a fun and immersive art experience at a choice of venues located across the UK. Taking art out of the gallery and into the everyday, you can discover different art styles made famous by some the very best including: Banksy, Monet and Van Gogh. Led by qualified and practicing artists, these informal experiences use popular and iconic works as inspiration for each unique event. Your artists will be on hand to provide step by step guidance as you set about a masterpiece of your very own. Paint as you please, with as much or as little support as you want. Typically lasting for 2 hours 30 minutes, you’ll take a quick break to recharge your creative juices and review your work before getting back to the canvas. With desktop easels and acrylic paints ready to go, all guests need bring is their imagination. At the end of your experience, you will of course take your canvas to proudly display back home.

Extra information about this Lifestyle experience

2 hour 30 minute art event for one Get creative with a fun and informative art event Different style

Upon arrival at your chosen PopUp location, you’ll meet the resident artists who will be taking you through the event. Following a brief introduction, you’ll get down to creating your art, with the artists on hand to offer advice as you go. Refreshments are available to purchase on the day, so all you need bring is your imagination. You’ll take a break to recharge the creative juices before finishing off your artwork. At the end of your experience, you’ll take your work home.

Participant guidelines: Minimum age: 18 No previous experience is needed The experience content, equ



Author: Jim Robinson

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