Feed the Big Cats for One – Weekdays

Feed the Big Cats for One - Weekdays

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So you’ve got the day off from work or school and you want to spend some time with the animals at Paradise Wildlife Park… how about feeding a lion? Or a tiger? If you are feeling brave and want to take on this courageous task then there’s nothing stopping you. You will hand a lion or tiger a piece of tasty meat through a hole in the animal’s enclosure. He or she will stretch out before you and you’ll behold their true size, feel their breath on your face and witness first hand the real beauty of nature’s magnificent cats.

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Welcome, introduction and refreshments A 30 minute exclusive experience A certificate of your experi

Upon your arrival you will receive a health and safety briefing from your experienced animal keeper. You will learn about the preparation of the meat and head over to either the Lion or Tiger Enclosure for feeding time. The animal will be in his enclosure with you on the other side of a (super strength) fence. You’ll place the meat through a gap and the animal will take it from you. After you are done you will receive some special souvenirs and can go about your day in the park with a sense of real achievement.

Participant guidelines: Minimum age: 16 Women in the early stages of pregnancy should consult their


Hertfordshire – Broxbourne

Author: Jim Robinson

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