Junior Movie Star Car Blast

Junior Movie Star Car Blast

• Let your little one loose behind the wheel of their favourite film car for three thrilling miles’

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Sometimes it can seem a little unfair that kids are allowed to see the films with amazing cars in but they can’t drive them for years afterwards. Well, in the name of redressing the balance, let your little one loose behind the wheel of their favourite film car with this Junior Movie Star Car Blast. Available for children between 10 and 17 (depending on location), this is an unforgettable opportunity for them to grab the controls of a shiny Mazda MX-5 from a certain animated film about talking motors; a noisy yellow Camaro ZL1 or 2016 Mustang GT in full police livery (each curiously obsessed with Shia LaBeouf); or a Toyota Supra Turbo or R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R from a famous never-ending film franchise. Each one’s designed to be barrels of fun out on the track, so whichever car your little one chooses they’re sure to have the time of their life. They’ll be able to take their chosen motor around the special track for 5 minutes with an expert instructor by their side at all times, meaning they’ll learn all of the driving basics while having loads of fun too.

Extra information about this Driving experience

Let your little one loose behind the wheel of their favourite car for 5 minutes round a track Cars i

On arrival at your little one’s chosen venue for their pre-booked experience they’ll sign in with you before taking part in a short introductory briefing on driving techniques and safety. After that, it’s on to the main event – 5 minutes’ exhilarating driving in their chosen movie star car. Whichever one they pick, it’s sure to be the drive of their life.

Participant guidelines: Minimum age: 10 at Car Chase Heroes’ venues, 11 at Everyman venues Maximum a


Cornwall – Saint Agnes; Gloucestershire – Cirencester; Leicestershire – Prestwold Driving Centre; Li

Author: Jim Robinson

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