Pottery Experience at Sunken Studio

Pottery Experience at Sunken Studio

• Learn the art of hand-crafted pottery
• Follow an award-winning ceramist and create your own potte

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Get creative and learn the skills that go into amazing hand-crafted pottery with this Pottery Experience for One. You’ll join a group workshop at the independent Sunken Studio in Leeds. Hosted by the studio’s resident and award-winning ceramist, Rebecca Catterall, you and your fellow guests will be guided through the process of making your own pot. All post-production costs are included, so you’ll be able to collect your fired and finished masterpiece within 28 days. Choose from a range of Tasting Packages, all designed and developed in house by practicing potters, and with plenty of custom-made tools and moulds to help you create your work of art on the day.

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Pottery making experience for one Hosted by award-winning ceramist, Rebecca Catterall Post-productio

On arrival you’ll be welcomed by your host for the day and guided through the skills you need to make amazing hand-crafted pottery. There’ll be refreshments throughout, and you’ll be able to collect your fired and finished masterpiece within 28 days. You can choose: Pinch A great introduction to understanding the working stages of clay. You’ll work on a number of small bowls and consider the placement of your fingers, thumbs and hands to control, form and surface. Coil An energetic and spirited introduction to coil building. You’ll compete with each other to make the most even, longest and thinnest coils, and then race to build forms and outdo each other’s technical prowess. You’ll learn how to regulate pressure to roll your own coils and build striking forms. Join An introduction to the basics of building pots with slabs of clay. You’ll learn how to roll out consistent slabs and cut out pieces to assemble pots. Joining clay is essential to successful slab building so you’ll be show a range of approaches to help keep your pots in one piece. Press An introduction to small batch production. You’ll explore how to reproduce shapes using plaster moulds and then customise your pieces with wire loop cutting tools. This one is for biophiliacs: you’ll be making small indoor planters – ideal for succulents and other small plants. Drop and Roll A introduction to drop moulds shows you how to use gravity to shape clay. You’ll learn how to roll out consistent slabs of clay and then tease, stretch and tap, to form simple bowls and plates. You’ll also explore how to customise rims and apply texture.

Participant guidelines: Minimum age: 18 Sunken Studio is housed in a period property with steep step


West Yorkshire – Leeds

Author: Jim Robinson

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