Zip Trekking Adventure for Two at Go Ape

Zip Trekking Adventure for Two at Go Ape

• Zip Trekking Adventure for One with the UK’s No.1 Forest Adventure
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Enjoy the ultimate tree-top thrill as you descend through the beautiful Grizedale Forest in Cumbria on SEVEN amazing zip wires suspended high up among the tree tops. This is the longest zip wire experience currently available in the UK, and the bird’s-eye views as you whizz along the entire 3km makes it one of the most stunning. You’ll begin your adventure with a complete safety briefing after which it will be time to tackle the 20 minute up-hill walk from the training area to the vehicle pick-up point. Here you’ll be driven by Land Rover up winding mountain roads to the start of the course, up in the Cumbrian hills. Zip 1 is a ‘nursery’ line to ease you in gently, but don’t worry, the speed and the excitement will quickly increase as the zip wires take you whizzing past the tops of majestic Douglas fir trees, high above the forest floor. The entire experience should last around 2 hours and the final zip wire will deposit you safely on the ground just a short walk from the car-park from where you started out. An exhilarating experience and the chance to see the forest from a unique vantage point.

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Zip trek adventure for two people Full safety briefing from the qualified instructors Experience gif

On arrival you and your guest will be directed to the training centre where you will receive instructions and a safety briefing, as well as being fitted with your zip line harnesses. From here you will need to walk up hill across fairly challenging terrain for about 20 minutes to reach the vehicle pick-up point from where you will be given a lift by Land Rover to the start of the course, high up in the hills. Zip Trekking Adventure involves a total of seven different zip wires that take you down the hillside at treetop level at high speed. Enjoy spectacular views and the wind in your face as you whizz through the forest air. Your final zip wire descent will return you to the car park, from there it’s a short walk back to the cabin to return your harnesses and retrieve any valuables from the lockers.

Participant guidelines: Minimum age: 13 One Adult (18+) can supervise up to six children (13 to 15 y


Cumbria – Hawkshead

Author: Jim Robinson

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